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389 CZK /month
  • Speed 40 Mbps
  • You do not pay for modem rental
  • Istallation for free
  • No data limits
  • Sufficient speed for reading emails and messages



449 CZK /month
  • Speed 100 Mbps
  • You do not pay for modem rental
  • Istallation for free
  • No data limits
  • Sufficient speed for watching online video
We recommend



499 CZK /month
  • Speed 200 Mbps
  • You do not pay for modem rental
  • Istallation for free
  • No data limits
  • Internet TV included in the price



549 CZK /month
  • Speed 300 Mbps
  • Stable high speed in both directions
  • Internet TV included in the price
  • You do not pay for modem rental
  • Option of public IP address

The Fastest


599 CZK /month
  • Speed 500 Mbps
  • Low line latency
  • Without aggregation
  • More than 100 TV programs for free
  • Option of public IP address

Where we connect you

Our coverage map is illustrative only. For availability even outside the marked area, please fill out the form. The technician will assess the query and contact you back immediately.

We will not misuse the entered contact information in any way, nor will we provide it to anyone else.

Check coverage at the address


We care that you are happy with our internet.



You can enjoy our internet freely and without obligation. If you don't like it, you can simply cancel it for free.

Istallation for free

We'll take care of a quick installation at your home or office to get you online as soon as possible.

No data limits

It doesn't matter how much data you download. You can use the Internet fully without any restrictions.

You do not pay for modem rental

No other fees either, ONLY the monthly price applies.

Did you know that…?


… when the antennas on the router

for the sake of appearance, you turn it in the same direction, will the signal reception be worse than if each antenna goes differently?

Did you know that…?

Hedy Lamarr

… the wifi principle was invented by a woman,

actress even? It was the Austrian Hedy Lamarr, who starred in the Czech film Ecstasy, for example. She never received any money for her inventions.

Did you know that…?


... our routers broadcast in newer

and the faster 5 gigabit band? You won't have to deal with interference from your neighbor's wifi.

Did you know that…?


... the internet does not belong to anyone?

It consists of a large number of computer networks whose owners have agreed to interconnect them.

Internet television

Watch your favorite movies and shows anytime, anywhere.

When you order the Proto100 tariff or higher, you get more than 100 programs provided by our partner, the SledováníTV service, for free.

Enjoy all the advantages of digital television not only at home, but wherever you wish. You can watch movies, serials or sports broadcasts on your phone, tablet or computer.



verification of availability at the address

First, fill out the availability verification form. Our worker will check the address and contact you with the result.

appointment of installation date

If you are interested in connecting, our technician will contact you, find out your time options and plan an exact date together.

installation in the apartment

If possible, the on-site technician in the house will set up the connection (usually within 2 hours) and make sure that the connection and Wi-Fi are working. Then you just enjoy the new internet.



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    Leave us a contact where we can send you information about the availability of our services.

    The data provided by you will only be used to determine the availability or establishment of the service. Under no circumstances will they be used for marketing purposes or provided to other entities. Every availability is checked individually by a technician, so we need to know your contact details.